About Us

We are a company specializing in waterproofing structures and buildings based in Kuching, Sarawak. Malaysia.

Ipue Resources Sdn. Bhd. Was first established in 2010 doing primarily waterproofing works.

Eventually, having gained valuable experience over the years and investing substantially in tools and equipment not least qualified personnel, we have extended our activities in other specialised fields in the construction industry.

We collaborate closely with major manufacturers of reputable and consultant/architect accepted products in the local scene as we offer comprehensive solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our target market are construction companies and also real estate developers. Established in 2007, we have continue to grow and expand in Sarawak. We provide various services such as waterproofing, airless spray painting, roof coating, concrete coring/drilling, chemical bolt anchoring, grouting, PU/epoxy grout injection, skim coating, PU/epoxy coating, structure strengthening and concrete repairs, mechanical and electrical services and fire protection and UPS system.


We have well-trained staff working under the fire protection unit. Fire is a killer if you do not manage fire properly. It can burn down your house, buildings, warehouse and even human beings whom are trapped in the burning buildings. It is rather a crucial step to invest on the right material and equipment in order to prevent and escape from all these accidents.

A fire extinguisher can helps to put off fire, place one or two in the shop or in your office in order to prevent fire accident from happening. It is all about health and safety, you may need to consider how important it is to place them around you so that you can use them to protect yourself, your company anytime whenever you encounter fire accident. There are dozens of products can be waterproofed. It can be anything like containers, steel made products, walls, stores, vehicles, import / export containers, vessels, container offices, landscaping, stones, rocks or statue and many more. It is an art of waterproofing materials.

The reason we waterproofing the material is because we do not want the water for example rain water to ruin the surface of the house material and products. It is very important to keep them in their shape always which can last for many years.

Our Range Of Service

  1. Concrete Repair
  2. PVC Roofing
  3. Waterproofing
  4. Epoxy and PU Crack Injection
  5. Structural Strengthening
  6. Industrial Floor (Power floating)
  7. Epoxy and PU floor
  8. Joint Sealing
  9. Core Drilling
  10. Rebar Installation
  11. Protective Coating
  12. Concrete Cutting

Our experience

Completed Project 87%
Completed Project 75%
Completed Project 63%
Completed Project 50%

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