Completed Project

NoClientProject / Job ScopeYear
1Super MZ Industry Sdn.BhdProposed Solvent Based Epoxy Floor at R.C. Slab at Drinking Water Factiry, Sibu2017
2Paling Construction Sdn.BhdProposed P.U. Injection Works at Bintulu Port, Kidurong , Bintulu.2017
3Sunmow Construction Sdn.BhdProposed Coring Works at Drainage Wall at Boulevard Road and Road A, Paragon Mall Bintulu.2017
4X-Fab Sarawak Sdn.BhdProposed Repairing Works For Epoxy Flooring at Shipping Area, Xfab, Sarawak.2017
5Plaza Merdeka Management Sdn BhdProposed Watertight System at Food Court Area ,Expansion Joint / Movement Joint , Plaza Merdeka, Kuching2017
6X-Fab Sarawak Sdn.BhdProposed Cracks Repair using Epoxy Resin “Gravity Pour’’ at MAU 2,3,42017
7X-Fab Sarawak Sdn.BhdProposed Cracks Repair using Epoxy Resin “Gravity Pour’’ at MAU 5,6,9,102017
8X-Fab Sarawak Sdn.BhdProposed Chemical Coating at Chemical Pumping Station, Acid Room2017
9Layun Enterprise Sdn.BhdProposed Strengthening Using Carbon Fiber Plate and Waterproofing at CCR Building, Asean Bintulu, Fertilize Bintulu2017
10Eden Empire Development Sdn BhdProposed Waterproofing Works at Cari Gali Petronas, Miri2017
11Kejuruteraan Janje Sdn.BhdGolden Bridge Across Sg. Sarawak2017
12Gamatec Construction Sdn.BhdProposed Brooke Dockyard Development, Kuching, Sarawak.2017
13See Energy Sdn. BhdEPCC of MLNG Substation 17 Upgrade (MSU) at Bintulu, Sarawak.2017
14Hock Seng Lee ConcreteProposed Strengthening Works at Baitulmakmur,Kuching, Sarawak.2017
15Quality Concrete Sdn.BhdProposed Strengthening Works at Baitulmakmur, Kuching, Sarawak.2017
16Sunmow Construction Sdn.BhdProposed Sealant Works at Substation Establishment, Project Samalaju, Bintulu2017
17Sunmow Construction Sdn.BhdProposed Polyurethane Injection Works at Slab,Paragon Mall, Bintulu.2017
18Hyup Soon Industries Sdn.BhdProposed Coring Works at Huchem Kidurong, Bintulu.2017
19Hyup Soon Industries Sdn.BhdProposed Polyurethane Unjection Works at Huchem Kiduring, Bintulu.2017
20Hyup Soon Industries Sdn.BhdProposed Waterproofing Works at Bomba Station,Samalaju, Bintulu.2017
21JDA Trading CompanyProposed Repairing Work At Household No.51, Sample Park, Bintulu2017
22Sunmow Construction Sdn.BhdProposed Coring Works At Business Hotel Concrete Slab (125mm THNK)2017
23Sunmow Construction Sdn.BhdProposed Waterproofing Works At Sk Gold, Bintulu.2017
24CMS Cement Industries Sdn.BhdProposed Repairing Work for CMS Mambong, Concrete Hopper, Kuching.2017
25Arkitek KDI Sdn.BhdProposed Repairing And Epoxy Flooring Work At AKDI Office, Kuching, Sarawak.2017
26CMS Cement Industries Sdn.BhdProposed Repairing Work for CMS Mambong, Clinker Silo Motor Plinth, Kuching.2017
27BGC Development Sdn.BhdProposed Polyurethane Work At BBC Biogas Plant, Bintulu.2017
28Sunmow Construction Sdn.BhdProposed Repairing Work At Paragon Mall, Bintulu.2017
29PPES Works (Sarawak) Sdn.BhdProposed Golden Bridge Across Sg. Sarawak, Kuching (Flooring Work)2017
30Sunmow Construction Sdn.BhdProposed Mixed Development On Plot 1, Lot 184 & 924, 2017 Block 0, Bintulu Town District, Jalan Sultan Iskandar,Bintulu (Package 1) - Volume 1 Of 2.2017
31X-Fab Sarawak Sdn.BhdProposed Repairing Works At Acid Scubber No.5,Kuching.2017
32CMS Cement Industries Sdn.BhdProposed Polyuthane Injection Works at 1st Floor.2017
NoClientProject / Job ScopeYear
1Paint Jaya Enterprise Proposed Repairing and Waterproofing works at JAIS, Bintulu Sarawak.2016
2Bintulu Tiong EngineeringProposed 1 unit of Single Storey New Open Warehouse Building for Fertilizer Storage to Existing Fertilizer Warehouse and Facilities for Aggromate (M) Sdn. Bhd.2016
3Sato Kogyo (M) Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Protective Coating Works at LNG Tank 72016
4Asean Bintulu Fertilizer Sdn BhdProposed Strengthening on Brickwall on CCR Building, B.C.O.T, Bintulu.2016
5Sunmow Construction Sdn.Bhd. Proposed Business Hotel,Bintulu - Coring Works2016
6Color Case Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Epoxy Coating at Intergared Warehouse Building, MLMG, Bintulu.2016
7Sunmow Construction Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Coring for Sprinkler System,Paragon Mall, Bintulu2016
8MPD Design Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Self-Levelling Epoxy System with Moisture Barrier at Specialist Clinic, Sibu.2016
9Terapan Dinamik Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Waterproofing at Tank 7, Bintulu. 20162016
10CMS Clinker Sdn.Bhd. Proposed Repairing Works at Quarry, CMS Clinker, Kuching.2016
11Terapan Dinamik Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Dust Proof Epoxy Coating at Tank 7, Bintulu. 20162016
12Mega T Tax Consultant Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Waterproofing Works at Shoplot 2 1/2 Miles, Kuching.2016
13Spago Poperty Sdn.Bhd.Propose 7-Storey Commercial cum Apartment with Strata Titles on Lot 59 (Plot 1), Block 17, KCLD, at Lapangan Terbang 5, Airport Bypass, Kuching.2016
14Hyup Soon Industries Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Coating Work at Kidurong Area, Bintulu.2016
15MCC East Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.Proposed 18- Storey Mixed Commercial SOHO/Multi Storey Carpark Complete with Strata Titles on Lot 14680, Section 65, KTLD, Jalan Matang, Kuching.2016
16Sunmow Construction Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Normal Float System with Floor Hardener, at Peak Condominium, Bintulu.2016
17Plaza Merdeka ManagementProposed Polyurethane Injection Works at Plaza Merdeka, Bata Store, P1, Kuching.2016
18Metix Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Polyurethane Injection Work at Sakura Ferroalloys at Samalaju, Bintulu.2016
19Chemcrete Engineering Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Polyurethane Flooring System (3mm) at Bintulu, Sarawak.2016
20Terapan Dinamik Sdn.Bhd.Proposed Epoxy Flooring Works at MLNG Substation2016